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Default Re: Honestly, he's a nice dog, never bit anyone!

Time after time, the same argument comes up..."it's not the dog, it's the owner". While there is no doubt that how an animal is raised has an impact on its behavior, I am convinced more and more that Pitbulls in particular have an innate gene that makes them aggressive and unpredictable. I've had numerous friends who owned a pitbull who was just "the sweetest thing ever", until the dog turned on the owner or the neighbor or whomever. And I don't hang with thugs or anyone that would raise an animal to create a vicious attack. These were "normal" dogs who just snapped for no real reason.
Someone commented that they don't attack any more than any other dog, it's what they do when they attack that makes them so bad. I'm a bit skeptical about that. I understand that there are plenty of dog attacks, but I would just love to see an actual percentage that were done by Pitbulls. It has GOT to be high.
I am the utmost animal lover, owning two dogs myself. But a Pitbull is a proven hazard and liability. There isn't one that I would trust farther than I could throw it, no matter how "perfect" it was raised. I'm a proponent of all anti-Pitbull laws and see no reason to own one other than to look like you're in a rap video.