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Gringo - 6/27/2007 11:15 AM

Do you know a good source in the US for a step/tow bumper, swing away tire mount, etc? I took the spare off the "bonnet"...the ground is just too rough. The hood flexes like a Coors Light can with all that weight on it.
I know you have ties in the Houston area from previous posts. I've been looking for a replacement for my F-150 that the locals can't beat up anymore and found a couple of places around Houston. You might find a shop that can build what you want or modify something they already have made. For that matter, you may be able to have it built on the island cheaper once you figure in labor and freight. I know I've seen something like what you are looking for on the back of a Hummer, could be another starting point.

And now I'll repeat what others have said, nice looking place!
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