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Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
I've researched this A LOT.....
A few years ago we looked at a house that had a recent install under a PPA...

A few take aways...
*First....the best thing to do, if you want to go solar, is purchase PPA contract.

*If you can't do that, usually a PPA will still benefit you over the long run.....and be better than nothing ...for some people.
*If you do NOT plan on living in this home for will find it VERY HARD to sell your house if you have a PPA solar system on it. Most potential buyers run away once they see this. My wife is a good and busy Realtor in the area, I hear her talking about those listings she has with PPA solar systems on 'em. It's not good. She just had a listing that sat...and sat...and sat....and finally pulled the listing. Outright purchased systems are usually no problem to sell, usually a "plus". She recently had a listing that had outright purchased solar, and it went under contract in 3 days. Buyers simply do not want to be "stuck" in some forced contract. And if you remove the system, to redo the roof right...need to do all new shingles after repairing the sheathing from all the holes from the mounts. And siding...from the main feed going down the side of the house, and the where the control panel was mounted.
*Regarding the capped "2.9%" max increase each year, you want to look at what your average Eversource was each year...across the country you'll find average electrical rates from the large players seem to average 5-6%. So..having your PPA fed juice cap at 2.9% is beneficial here.
*Takes a few years to start seeing your bigger savings

**For those who just accept that main power company rates.....the savings can be OK.
***For those who shop around smart....every year or so, to find the electric reseller with the BEST rates....(like my wife does)'s hard to find savings with a PPA. LI....I see you say you're paying .235 from everrape. If you shop around, you should find rates in the low to mid teens from other resellers. Pretty sure last time I saw a bill, my wife had us on some reseller that was .15 or .16.
Great information. Thank you.