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Default Owners Leasers of Solar Panels

I am considering a Power Purchase Agreement with Trinity Solaror Tesla. Haven't got prices form tesla yet but Trinity is a discount of about 25% from current rates with a capon yearly increases of the monthy payment of 2.9%.That seems high.

Does anyone use these companies or can you share experiences with me on savings and anything else you found of interest???????

This is the largest installer locally and has mixed reviews 75/25 on rating services but so do they all. I would like to go solar for various reasons and savings is one. My barn Southern roof would be completely covered intotally black panels. It would produce 9,245 kwh I use 12,341 now. The rate would be .169 I pay .235 now form Eversource. It is a 15 page agreement and I can send to anyone if interested.