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Default Disappointed in General Propeller

I had my propellers sent in to General Propeller to have them repaired / tuned up. Unfortunately I put these on my boat (24" x 30.5P Nibral Acme Props) and my starboard motor would not reach full RPM's 200 lower than normal and about 60 RPMs low on the Port Prop. This is funny since I have owned this boat for 11 years and these props always made 2830 +/- at 31" Pitch but had them lowered to 30.5 to add more cushion. The Starboard Prop was sent in damaged as it hit something in the islands but the original scan report showed no damaged in the report. I had to pull the boat and put back my older props that are the same make and pitch and everything was good except now I have a pair of bad props. This was a $1500 cost to have these fixed plus haul out Etc. These props were sent back to General Propeller and said all was good this cost me several hundred more dollars to get hauled out and switched again. I had another propeller shop in Canaveral scan the props and they said that the props were not in spec and it would cost me another $1,000 to fix the issues. I have let this go as it has been several months but it does not seem right.

I do not want to post any particulars but will PM.