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Default Re: LCD Digital Televisions Question?

I've read there are 4 LCD manufacturers... LG, Sanyo, Samsung, and some other company. Don't bother trying to decide which one to buy based on the "picture" you see at the store. Those signal are split a crazy amount of times. Plus, all of the color settings are set to default which in most cases is off. The only real way to get a proper picture is using to calibrate your image. I went through this with my bedroom LCD. I ended up getting a Westinghouse 32". I went to a AV forum and read what settings people use after their calibration and with those settings, the picture rivals any double the price Sony or Sharp. My coworker bought a Visio and did the same. He wasn't impressed with it at the store, but after hooking it up at home, and tweaking the settings, he loves it.
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