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Default LCD Digital Televisions Question?

My wife wants a 26 to 32" HDTV for the bedroom. I been looking around at the Circuit City, Best Buy, Sears and Walmart and really am at a loss for what brand to buy. I'm trying to spend between $500 and $900 (the lower the better) and have been looking at the following brands: Vizio, Sanyo (sp?), RCA, Samsung, Phillips and even Poloriod (I thought they were camera-people?). The highest priced sets were made by Samsung and the lowest by RCA and Vizio.

Of these brands, is there one to stay away from? Is one of these the Chrysler outboard engine? The Vizio looks to have a great picture and at a cheap price but is cheap price = poor quality?

Any feedback would be much appriciated.


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