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Originally Posted by default_user8 View Post
Just got finished looking at your project you did great work. My batteries are under my console, so I was thinking about running one heavy ground wire back to the bilge and grounding everything to a bus bar similar to what you did. That way i'd only have hot wires running from the switches in the console back to the bilge pumps, power pole, jack plate, and wash down pump. Guess i'll have to add a rewire to the list and tackle it myself.
That's what i'd do. Be sure to put the bus bar (or power post) high enough to be out of bilge splash and still be easily inspected and maintained.. I have used a blue sea terminal post ( power post plus) and tied both engine grounds to it and only one heavy ground ( like #1 or 1/0) wire to the console batteries. The "power post plus"has a good number of # 8 or 10 screw terminals for your equipment grounding. I just finished re-wiring a bay boat and materials were about 1100-1200 but that included wash down pump, 800 auto bilge, bait pump, and high water alarm switch., so, less than a grand for the wiring part. Now is good time to do it !
Oh, and DWM's hour estimate is about right, it probably took me longer than that but I am sure he would be faster, even much faster, since he has someone to help with some of the steps.

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