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Hello, engine height or should I say mounting hole is always debatable because every boat is drilled differently and will have different mounting holes even being identical boats. You should always measure from the bottom of boat with a straight edge to check proper height. Since your motors are already mounted you should run the boat on plane with a second person looking at the cavitation plates to see where they are in relation to the water flow, it plates are buried under water then raise the motors. Every hole is 3/4" and you want the water typically right at the plate.

Something else with the old ventures is that the bracket is not ventilated properly and it creates a vacuum, then the vacuum pops as you run and lets the bow come down. I have added 2" thruhulls to each side by the trim tab pockets and then 2 thruhulls on the cap with a hose connecting them together, this allows air into the vacuum to prevent it then allowing the bow to come down faster.