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Default Another Aquasport 246 Rebuild

I have been looking around for a few years for an older hull to rebuild. I stumbled across a 1980 Aquasport 246FF on Facebook market place that was only a few hours away for a great price of FREE. I did lots of research and was inspired by what others have done. I started following rvariverboat's rebuild and got some ideas and decided to pull the trigger. The boat looked rough but the hull was sound. Was planning to redoing the inside and transom, so I was really only looking for was the shell.

Took a few hours to load it up and on the road home we went. Got it home and spent a few weekends getting it set up to gut and started the deconstruction of the interior.

My plans for the boat are to turn it into a center console for offshore fishing. It's hull is about 4' bigger than the Cobia that I currently have and I am planning to take a few year on the build, so not in a hurry. I am planning to build a bracket (based off of what has been done many times before on here). For power, I am planning either twin 150's or 200's when the time comes.

I have some experience doing miscellaneous fiberglass projects, but this is going to be the largest. I am planning to use vinyl ester resin as I can get it pretty close to home at Advanced Plastics and will not have to pay shipping.

I have started prepping a few projects before I start any major work. The nice thing about this boat is the stringer system. The port side is looking good but I will need to fix a hole on the starboard side stringer.I am a middle school teacher so I am planning to make this a project during my off time. So far, I have patched the hole in the front, I have no Idea why they cut the bow eye out, and started prepping to start the transom. Similar to what rvariverboat did, I cut most of the transom because it curved and I want a flat surface.

I am planning to build a 48" wide x 30" deep bracket. I am thinking about extending the existing stringers through the transom to the clamping board like KP06 did and then add a center knee from the clamping board to the keel. The outside of the stringers sit at the outside of the bracket and will cover to about 12" in. I am planning to build a full mold for the bracket and transom to glass it all together.

Any thought or feedback before I go any further. It will probably be around a month or more before I start building anything.