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Originally Posted by Lifeislarge View Post
None of thatís going to help you if you go overboard in 3-5 with wind and current. Your boat is going to get away from you way faster than you can swim. Better have a PLB as well as your MOB. At least it wonít keep going under power
I gave this lesson to my kids on Saturday. We were anchored 50 feet off a mangrove island and they wanted to jump off the boat a few times before we left. So I let it swing out into the cut where it was deeper and the incoming tide was ripping. Told them to stay close to the boat and go straight to the swim ladder (they all had PFDs on). The one kid who didn't listen screwed around and floated too far back and took 30 seconds to swim 15 feet to the boat from straight back.

I let all the kids try it, and now they understand what I am talking about when I warn them about current and how you can't beat the ocean. Save your energy to keep your face above water and someone will come to you.