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Originally Posted by brobin View Post
On my previous boat and my new WC280 I installed the Fells Marine MOB+ which is under $200 and, IMHO, the biggest bargain in boating. If I'm out alone and get tossed I'd hate to be treading water watching my boat sail off into the sunset. Even as old as I am, I can swim a few hundred feet to reboard. The engines will stop if 50' away from the fob (a little over 1 second @30MPH) or within 5 seconds of being underwater. Worst case, in 5 seconds at 30MPH the boat will be 220 ft away (44'/sec) when it shuts off plus a bit more to stop moving. If the lanyard isn't going to be used and, let's face it it isn't, then an electronic MOB system is the way to go. Another benefit is that additional fobs can be worn by crew and pets. The engine can be restarted 6 seconds after shutdown so remaining crew can get to the MOB. We all think it can't happen to us but Schlitz happens.
Watched the YouTube video from Fell's on installing the unit. Looks super simple. In the video, the guy wired it directly to the kill switch, but looking on Amazon, they sell "FELL Marine Mob+ System Multiple Engine Harness". I have twin Zukes, I don't think I would need this if wiring at the kill switch right? I would just insert it at the pigtail where both engines hook in I think.