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Originally Posted by Sproly View Post
Not a fan at all of the traditional kill lanyard. For every life it saves you have 10 more instances of bad situations turning for the worse because of whoever is piloting the vessel jumping away from the helm to throw a flotation device or a loose one falling out and killing your engines in a situation where having power is the only thing keeping you upright. In the heat of the moment the last thing anyone is concerned with is checking the kill lanyard when trying to figure out why your engines died and won't start back up in the rush of a crisis situation.
Curious where you came up with those numbers. Sounds about as realistic as those saying it's safer to not wear a seatbelt so you can get thrown away from the crashing car. I'm terrible about wearing my lanyard, but I'm pretty confident its safer to wear it than not, unless you have seen some statistics I haven't.