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I have the 23 DVCC, so same hull bottom with a different layout topside. I find the boat has a great ride and offers a good balance of ride and stability at drift. My boat does not pound. It is not a 24 degree offshore hull, but it has a decent ride. The Parker 23 foot DV hull is considered their best riding hull. Anyone who says a DV Parker hull pounds could use some pointers on how to set up and operate the boat.

The hull requires some work to dial it in with the right prop and engine height. From the factory, it will be slightly over propped and the engine will be mounted all the way down and hence too deep. A stern lifting prop will really help the hull stay on plane at lower speeds. Mounting the engine in the middle holes will also improve ride, responsiveness, and fuel economy. The hull is also responsive to trim tab input even though the factory tabs are smallish.

The mod-vee boats have a rougher ride when people push them too fast for conditions. The factory prop and engine height just make it worse.