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Originally Posted by noelm View Post
OK, we will move on, but you are bamboozling us and yourself with your prop reasoning, but leave that behind, let's assume the controls have not been played with, the original gearcase was indeed a counter rotator (and not a bodged up standard operating backwards) then it seems the gear case is indeed labeled wrong.
Thatís the current conclusion. Your assumptions are correct. I will have to call mercury racing tomorrow to see how they could have messed that one up.

Originally Posted by noelm View Post
Just to add, I personally don't know of any way to distinguish a counter from a standard without some work pulling it to bits again.
Yup thatís what I figured. Just sucks to be down and not able to use the boat.

Originally Posted by Wickedfisha View Post
Wrong direction prop on lower. I picked up a buddies boat after service and the thing about went into the forks when I went to pull away. Swapped props.
Canít be because the starboard works perfect. Props have not changed and have been using them for about 10 years. 1 lower was serviced and the other was purchased brand new. Old one was marked as CXL and new one is marked as CXL.