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Originally Posted by gc28 View Post
Looking to hear from owners of a parker 23 pilot house deep v. I have always heard they pound? I understand that the driving position is very far forward, so you will feel more of the bumps. I am looking to purchase one and have not been on one yet, I love the idea of a closed in pilot house, but don't want a boat that pounds in a 1 ft chop. any one care to provide an honest opinion.
I have one. 1.5 years in, I think it is fine, BUT I don't have all the ocean experience many have, and I am coming from a 22' bay boat. I put a permatrim and a Rev 4 on it, so I slow down and trim it down when it gets rough. I also raised the motor. It does bow-steer more when you have it trimmed down like that. I think a big part of the pounding you hear about is literally from the extra noise being amplified in the pilot house. Heading straight into Chesapeake bay short period 3 footers is not fun, but you are dry. I have the extra helm, so when doing short drifts, I never really go in the pilothouse. It is pretty awesome to get all the way out of the sun when you want.
There are however times I wish I had gone with the 23DVCC. Basically the same hull and the same boat from the split in the gunwhale to the transom. Then I get caught in a summertime thunderstorm and I'm loving it again.

If you are looking new, Parker steers you to the geographically closest dealer.

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