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Originally Posted by Snowwolfe View Post
What is your mpg when towing and not towing?
Iv got a similar package and the rear end gear hurts this truck on the highway. I just ran it empty yesterday for a little over 400 miles at 70-75mph and was at 13mpg. Pulling my 20k 5r Iím at 7-9 depending on how fast I pull and the terrain. Same pull but 65-70mph as I did yesterday is about 8-8.4mpg (all hand calculated). Be interesting to see if the brand new truck is any different. OP, I am around 50k on my AT2 and they have been great. Not any louder than the day I bought them. Rotate outside rears to front and vise versa. Inside rear steel stays put and its actually the best looking tire on the truck. I wish they all looked that way. Could get another 20k on them if so. Current tread Iíll change out around 10k