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They aren't going to cancel this weekend, but they may open it up again if not much is reported through Snapper Check this weekend. Here is a quote from their Facebook post a couple of days ago. They seem to keep folks up to date through Facebook, so I'd recommend following their page, if you don't already.

"MRD does not intend to close the upcoming red snapper fishing weekend. The harvest of red snapper in state and federal waters will still be allowed this weekend October 10-12 (Sat-Mon).
We are fully aware there is a potential category 3 hurricane in the Gulf that could negatively impact our area on top of the impacts from Hurricane Sally but it is about the pounds of fish remaining not the number of days. We are not certain of the final landfall of Delta but if it remains west and goes north there may be a possibility for anglers to go fishing for a portion of the weekend. AL still has just over 128,000 lbs. of red snapper left to harvest and if there is little to no harvest this weekend we will provide additional dates for anglers to harvest the remaining pounds.
We ask that everyone use good judgment, exercise safe boating practices and if you go out, be aware of the potential for debris in the water.
Please remember to have a current saltwater fishing license, Gulf Reef Fish Endorsement and report your snapper in Snapper Check. Gray triggerfish and greater amberjack may be reported in the App as well.
Stay safe

All that being said, the only day I could possibly see folks fishing would be Monday. Hopefully not too much is reported and they will open it back up another weekend.

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