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Originally Posted by spraynet 1 View Post
First off what an incredibly gorgeous area, and beautiful fence, man am I jealous. Really nice job with the entire area.

As for cladding those posts, more important than type of wood is how the cladding is treated IMO.
Make certain all edges are sealed tight the cladding is waterproofed then stained and/or painted and the tops of those posts are covered so water flow is directed around the tops.

Then make sure all hardware and holes placed into posts are sealed very well.

I have a shed on six 4 x 4 PT posts each 4ft in the ground that have held up for over 20 years now.

Its all in the prep baby!
super advice!!! Thank you. I will seal em. The posts are high because a want to do a Mr. Miyagi arbor. I already stole this below from his back yard lol