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Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
So on the tech front, there's a company that I've been a reseller for..for about 15 years . Called "Datto". They started out as a "best of the best of the best" backup..disaster continuity service for us MSP (managed service providers). Based out of Connecticut.
Basically it's a complex backup solution with a local appliance, if a server caught fire and melted down, I can log into the backup appliance and "virtually spin up" the most recent backup of the server (backs up hourly so latest backup is less than an hour old)...and connect that to the network and the client is up and running again. I can do all this remotely from the comfort of my couch within about 15 minutes. And I have done it for a client when I was out in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee in a boat.

The company has gone on acquisitions...bought up a cloud managed network product (previously known as OpenCloud), and they merged with a big cloud drive, as well as RMM and ticketing system product called AutoTask. And bought up a cloud backup service (for 365 and Google) called BackupIfy.

They're going public soon, ticker will be "MSP".
Good information, thanks.

Don't most large corporations already have remote back-up safety measures in place?