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Originally Posted by Jay4612 View Post
I recently purchased a nautic star 2102 ultra with a Yamaha f150. It’s got a solas SS prop that’s got some beat up spots. I’m looking to have it repaired and repitched and would like to hear everyone’s opinion. Not sure what the pitch is but I’ll look in the morning. It turns about 5700 rpms and tops out about 40 on the gps. Any help would be appreciated. Also open to a new prop.
I feel your pain! I’m no prop expert like Tom but, based on my experience,40 @ 5700 is probably what you are going to end up with after experimenting. I think you can, in most cases, automatically deduct 4 or 5 mph from a comparable performance bulletin to get real world numbers, which is where you are. Others may disagree but that’s my opinion. And, with a prop not in top condition. Another issue that I’m currently dealing with is motor height - that can also affect performance. As far as Solas props go, I ran a 14-3/4 x 21 for 10 years with pretty good results. Probably not the best but I would have no problem reworking the prop you have and moving on!