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I owned a 1984, seems to be a lot of people here not familiar why these boats... mine would plane off just over 3000 RPM. Not fuel efficient at all but would get on plane very very quick. Top end was 30 mph. Mine had original 270s with around 800 hours. Old fuel was an issue but fixed that before we started using it. Asking prices I have seen anything from $1000 to 30,000+. Realistic would be $20,000 for a clean one (I sold mine just under that years ago in a much worse boat market to the first looker within a couple weeks of listing). Of course check the stringers, decks, hatches etc for core damage. Good news is the stringer wood is only there as a form, the fiberglass creates the strength. Thereís an engineers document about this floating around the Internet.

There are tons of them out there, so unless itís the one I would stick to your price and keep looking.