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Default Re: Well, last night was interesting

Hi Wiley
get well soon

These are my personal observations and experience and is NOT medical advice.

I have had every stress induced malady invented by man. That sounded like an anxiety attack. Have all aspects of your condition checked out. I did and they never found a physiological cause. Its easy to test for these things. A little Stress/anxiety and I could clock about 220/120 during any attack and after a few valiums back to 140/90. The BP pills all have side effects. If they find no physiological cause I would stay off the BP pills except maybe valium type meds and only as needed.

And yes exercise and weight control seemed to cure every single ailment I ever had. (A book called the relaxation response helped. The RR is - Basically you clear your mind of everything but your breathing and inhale from nose into your stomach and exhale through your mouth sloooowly. Usually your heart follows suit.)

I Read tons of books on stress and anxiety. What seemed to trigger most people is worrying about lots of small things at once. If you have only ONE major issue you are forced to deal with it. Problem is your mind triggers these physical overreactions - sweating chest pains rapid heart beat etc. if you cant deal with the stuff. Called the fight or fight reflex..... we have this because our ancestors always dealt with stress by fighting or running so the mind gets the heart and stuff to jump start even though in the modern world it doesn't need to.

As Bobby Mcsomehting says - "Don't worry, be happy......"

found it.....

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