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Default RE: Well, last night was interesting

Bruce W - 6/5/2007 10:50 PM


Well, to start with, my BP was 220/110! Needless to say, I asked the nurse what was "normal"? When she said 120/80, I thought they were gonna' send me RIGHT to the ER!

Long story short, after taking some (2) perscribed meds (BP & a diuretic) and a few dietary adjustments, I had my BP back down to 127/78 by March (after visiting the doc every 2 weeks)! Now, I don't have to go back 'til October (on my BIRTHDAY, no less!)

BIGGEST thing the doc told me concerning the high BP was to cut down on the SALT - salt from canned foods (especially veggies), salt from "prepared frozen foods", salt from the salt shaker, etc..

I have been using next to NO "real" salt and found some "potassium-based" salt-substitue that Morton's Salt makes - NO sodium and 17% potassium - not bad, either. The "Salt-Free Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blend" is pretty decent, too.

I tried some Campbell's "40% less sodium" soup and THAT stuff was NASTY! Most ALL soups have about 40%+ sodium (per serving) - even the "dried" (add boiling water) ones! There are also a variety of "salt-free" canned veggies, but the FRESH veggies are really the best!
Thanks Bruce. Since I started taking the medication my BP is "better". The pills made me a bit dizzy too so now I just take them at night before I crash. I also feel calmer on them. I seemed to have lost the rage-ness that comes with high BP. This can be from a variety of other issues as well, like a bit less forum stress although I still work on it daily. It got tough there over the past month.

I bought a digital BP machine and check it 3 times daily. Funny how at night after a glass of Cabernet the BP reading is at its lowest!

I tried the salt substitutes but they don't cut it for me. The potassium has a weird acidic taste, like when you lick the top of a battery to see if it's still good. One thing I can't "low sodium" is anything tomato. The V8 low sodium juice just doesn't cut it. I have removed table salt from my diet completely.

Exercise is next. I spent way too much time here in this office chair over the years and it took it's toll.

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