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Originally Posted by westbootie View Post
Is that last pic taken at Catalina?
It is! One of my favorite places, basically grew up there. Started scuba diving at age 12, we had a 1964 16' Whaler and Sea Scouts throughout middle and high school.

Originally Posted by Slater View Post
That aint Catalina or the west coast for that matter.....
Some of the pics are!

Originally Posted by Mooney6959 View Post
You're lucky Hawkinsrd.
She's the only reason we're letting you slide with that Salt Life shirt.
It was on sale at the local outlet. Works great, $19.

Originally Posted by deltarome21 View Post
Choices, Choices, Choices. Just pick one!
I have made some good ones and some bad ones along the way. To think that in 2013 my wife left me for her wealthy boss and I ended up here... This gal straight up makes that old life look painful. Still miss Laguna Niguel...

Originally Posted by saltwaters View Post
That last photo looks like the Isthmus to me. Been there a lot.
Bingo. A quick stop to grab some grub at Harbor Reef Cafe. I wanted to check into one of the tents up on the hillside and leave Catalina when the US returned to sanity.

Originally Posted by FinReaper069 View Post
Rich, You’re going to need to find a place to keep sun screen by the gallons on the boat for this one.
I swapped over to SPF cream vs spray on, have been saving a ton...

Originally Posted by saltwaters View Post
I agree with you on photo #2. I don't know how but I missed that one. That is Dana Point Harbor right in front of the sportfishing docks. All of my comments were in reference to the last photo. We were both right about the photos we were referencing.
You are both correct!

Covid left me with most of the summer off. I knew well enough and early on into the ordeal that the humidity in FL over summer is worse than any Covid flare-up in Socal. Bored out of my mind I hitched the 320OR up to my Super Duty and towed out to Catalina for a burger. In my younger years I had flown to Catalina for a buffalo burger, but never had I hitched up a boat and towed most of the way there. It was a great month, one of the best in a long while. I left CA after I caught Covid... In my experience, Covid is better than being in FL during Aug and Sep; unfortunately I experienced both!

Flagstaff AZ

Pretending to be a big boy.

The definition of stress... 10' lane and 10.5' boat. Yes, people attempted to pass unless I rode the line.

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