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So this is a weird one but it's delicious. From my grandmother from Oriental, NC, I learned it from my dad.

Clean live hard crabs so you have the 2 separated halves of the body, no legs, "mustard" or anything, just the bodies. Of course save the the claws to boil and eat for an appetizer.

Dredge crab bodies in flour or seafood breader, fry in a big deep skillet or dutch oven with about 1 inch of oil at 350 or so, maybe 5 min a side. They'll have some brown areas where flour has adhered but won't be fully coated, still will look fairly bare. Set them aside to drain. Reserve 1/4 cup or so of the grease and make a traditional gravy with additional flour and water. (if you don't know how to make a roux by browning the flour in the grease and adding water to make a gravy, then.... well....learn that) but anyway, you just make a big ol' batch of relatively thin gravy with the drippings, flour and water, season with white pepper and salt if needed, enough to cover your crab bodies then throw the crab bodies back in the gravy and simmer on low low for another 30-45 minutes. Crab bodies will impart their crabby sweetness to the gravy.

Grab about 1 roll of paper towels per person. Hold the leg sockets away from you, and the middle part in your mouth, squeeze down on the body and about half of the meat and juice will go in your mouth and be the best thing you've ever had, then lick your fingers and start to pick out the meat by hand, discard and get another. You'll leave the small bits behind, because you'll be jonesing for another "first" bite...not the most efficient way to eat them and hands down the messiest way to eat a crab but, you have to trust me that the taste is amazing.

Just for visual reference I did find a similar recipe online. The cooking technique isn't exactly the same but would likely result in a very similar result except we never used old bay.

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