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Love those wheels! I run the AT2 on my Laramie and have rotated the outsides to the front only 1x. 40k miles and have about 15K left. Awesome grip. Got a little louder but not bad. They hookup in anything. Great hauling tire to Montana and back pulling our 40ft. Straight as an arrow. Run 5lbs in the bags if it lets you. I have aftermarket bags and 5lbs empty makes the truck a lot better. Gets you some squish so not too sudden of a hit over bumps. All the diesels have issues. The ram 3500drw is the most common dually on the road. With that it will seem like it has more issues but they all do. Look at the long haul guys pulling Campers across country for a living. Dodge dodge dodge. Maybe a Ford F450 but very few of them. Some Chevys but not a lot. We have averaged 10k towing miles for the last 4 years. Have seen a lot of rigs