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Originally Posted by KLuck View Post
So none of you are planning on voting for the guy who has spent the last 4 years disparaging the military, generals, POWs, federal law enforcement, and Gold Star families? Good. I havenít heard a football player call a deceased vet a loser yet. Itís amazing that people think athletes arenít allowed to speak out or have an opinion, but believe their personal opinion is worthy. What makes you special? Why is, for example, Laura Ingraham super qualified to have an opinion but an athlete is not? What did she do to tell others stay in their lane? It doesnít appear she has any special level of citizenship or expertise. And that goes for all the talking heads. You may not agree with peaceful protest, and Iím not personally taking knees, but it is a Constitutional right we fought and flew the flag for.
Holy smokes...somebody has been watching main stream media...
Did you happen to watch what happened during the 2016 election?
Wart der fawk.