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Originally Posted by FlyingTexan View Post
1) once on plane what’s your WOT RPM?
2) are engine RPMs matched?

3) try changing one variable at a time. If you’re already hitting your max RPM with no spare power left on the table then step down your prop inch and go with a larger diameter prop. Find a local shop that does repowers they usually have a lot of used props lying around. Not to keep but see if you can borrow something just to see if a different prop could potentially solve the issue. If so then go find you a new set.

on boat my boats props were the issue. My pathfinder, no steps, would do the same thing when we put the new 225sho on it. I went to Palacios, Tx and started trying out various props and found one that wasn’t pretty but instantly let me know it was the day to go. Bought a new one and been running it hard ever since.

sticking your engines 2.5” deeper might fix the issue but would take a hit on efficiency and performance. Would feel like it’s bogged down and would probably knock 500rpm off your WOT so if making RPMs as you should at WOT you could very well need to change your props anyway to get those RPMs back. So before moving engines, adding shafts, etc go see if you can step down your inches on your prop and go bigger in diameter.

22p on a 225 and that heavy of a boat seems like a pretty aggressive prop. I’d think you’d find a lot more confidence stepping down to a 19p with bigger surface area. Assuming you’re making RPM at WOT. 22p on that large of a 4 blade seems like it’d really be bogging the engines and dropping them deeper would hit them ever harder.

I fully admit my ETECS are 175s and I know you’re running 225s. I just can’t see how a 4 blade prop would make more sense on an offshore stepped hull. You’re using a smaller diameter prop in a cavitation induced water flow. Do the motors feel like they’re struggling? 15.25” prop at 22p just sounds like a lot. If this was a “team” boat did they prop it for WOT bragging rights? I see they make a 20p Bravo
I'm definitely not opposed to playing around with props if I can find some. If I remember correctly from my sea trial at WOT the motors were turning 5500 or 5600 rpm. I've only owned the boat for 2 months and haven't done another wot run since. With the motors trimmed properly, I'd imagine it would be about maxing out at 5700.