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Originally Posted by semperfifishing View Post
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The main difference in the two units:

The 86 series has 3 transducer ports...and also have Live scope built in.
The 1042xsv / 1242xsv units have 1 ducer port and to have Live scope require a black box.

So, if one is wanting to run 2 or more transducers..the 86 series has the edge.
If one is only running a single many do..then the 102xsv / 1242xsv units are a good option....and far less $.

the side scan and CHIRP sonar circuits are the same on all no difference there.
Thanks Gil. Will likely go with the 1242xsv + GT51M-TM. Even though I'll mostly be in shallower water, the extra power of the GT51 seems to elicit much better reviews. Not replacing until off-season service, but research begins now. Maybe there will be a holiday discount

Do you or do you know anyone who buys old units? Will have a Simrad EVO2 9", Structurescan ducer and Simrad Sirius XM antenna to unload. Will probably just leave the B75M in the hull...