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Originally Posted by Razorback713 View Post
ono island
My niece is on ONO (Ospry Ct) and she came up here last night. Talked to her this morning and she said her neighbors down there said ONO has extensive damage to many homes. I'm in Spanish Cove and we go tore up pretty bad up there as well from my understanding. Won't be able to get down there till Friday AM to look at all my things but my neighbor told me that outwardly I look okay.

Originally Posted by MayhemFT View Post
It is not good at all. Damage is extensive. People trapped in home around Bear Point and Marina Rd. Marina Rd has 4-6 of water all the way down.
Heard that there were many that had to be rescued last night in that area and on Old River. If I ever hear "shifted east" again, it will be to soon.