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Ok, I can understand when someone explains it all out but seriously, they expect too much or think too highly of themselves or their fans. They stretch this out so long and tediously this season with such disconnected superflous BS and we're supposed to get all giddy at an attempt at a Pulp Fiction restaraunt scene? I know, I'm an ADD ridden monkey but I shouldn't have to work so freakin' hard to be entertained. Keeerap, it's a tv show. You'd have to have had to watch the previous shows on DVD five times over to have packed all that junk into your noggin'.

I like great story tellers. I like a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Any ending. Suprise endings that get you ( The Sixth Sense for example )

How about this: I cancel HBO and imagine their programming. Now that's real genius! I have HBO HD and nine tenths of their HD schedule is taken up with bad programming and now they do this lame finale.

Heck, at least they could've given us some flashback scenes to Meadow working her way through college at the Bada Bing!!!
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