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cgrand - 6/11/2007 6:06 PM

strikerthree nice copy & paste...
since you posted it as it was your own, though, please provide a link or source for "nikki leotardo"...a quck google search reveals that the actor who played the guy at the bar is a pizzeria owner in NJ

a better explanation is far simpler; ie: which came out of the opened door—the lady, or the tiger?
Ok well this is my own can you understand it now??

ok listen guys...u gotta watch the end of the episode again and watch is what you'll c...when tony walks into the diner he looks at
himself sitting down at the table...u can be sure of this b/c he is
different clothes when he sits down...i dont no wtf that

seasons it had been told to us that tony's dad died just as his daughter

(janus) walked in...if u watch closely u will see janus walk in shortly

tony sits down...this is used to signify the possibility of that
again...then u will c the sports store owner who tony destroyed walk in
wearing a brown kinda hunting jacket...he is the guy that a couple
ago got into gambling trouble with tony and tony took over his
store...HE IS

THE 1 WHO WACKS TONY...he comes in and sits down hunched over...hiding
eyes as not wanting to be noticed...and alas..."u probly dont even here
when it happens rite?" (this is bobby talking to tony in the 1st episode
the season...tony had this flashback as he was laying down in the last
episode...there would be no reason to have had that in unless it had
huge significance)...and finally...tonys daughter walking in to c her
get shot just as janus did so many years ago...u hear the bell of her
walking in and then signifies the neverending

of the soprano family...aj will become tony...meadow will become
janus...carmela will become livia (tonys mom)...and cycle of violence
on and on and on....absolutlely amazing...i HATED the ending at
when i wached it again...and understood is really the most
ending possible for the show...we really would not have been satisfied
the boring u c tony get shot ending...this was
was not an action was a drama about a FAMILY....