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Originally Posted by jadatis View Post
Trailers with boats, have the advantage, that once you know the total weight( by weighing), it stays the same during the years.
and my calculation was for radial tires, for diagonal tires it would calculate even lower pressure.
but estimating the weight, as you probably did, is dangerous, weighing often shows it more weight.

and boats are tremble resistant, my calc is for traveltrailers, wich at to high pressure, screws tremle loose, so reason for not using max of tire.

For 80 psi Highpressure-snapp in valves of the TR600HP series are sufficiŽnt, but metal valves are even better.
normal valves ( TR 400 serie) ar made for max cold pressure of 65 to 70 psi. So would ve enaugh for topicstarter. But dont screw tmps-sensors on them
Just so you know, I appreciate the math you're doing. But you've got to realize where you are. These guys are max pressure all the time, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. They run max pressure on lawn mowers, personal vehicles, even their kids bicycles. They put valve stems on power wheels to inflate the plastic wheels. If it's got anything touching the ground, it has to be max pressure, no exceptions.