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Excuse my delay between posts... I just got married last weekend and we have gotten our fair share of crappy weather in Louisiana this season. Looks like another small hurricane coming this way early next week.
I decided that I am going to go with a 3 part inside design. I am keeping only the forward seating to use as a design for the future. Getting rid of the side panels will give me a ton of extra deck space, and will give me more of the look that i am going for.
I will be cutting the cap around the top of the forward seating to save the forward section. I will be reconnecting this when the new forward seating is installed.
I'm going to create a jig to support the cap once removed, and flip the cap to add some extra structure.
I will grinding and removing all of the wood and old glass from the underside of the cap. Then i will be gluing 1/2 divinycell H80 as core and wrapping it with biaxial and epoxy.
Photos and progress notes to come.

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