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Originally Posted by Turtlebull View Post
So , i was just thinking as it has been so many years ago. I remember talking to another owner one time and he did play around with the mounting of the engines. Like someone else has stated. If I'm correct i remember he dropped them one slot. Another thing as this issue is common with that step hull. I think you should do some more research with the props. I don't remember what props i had but i think if you talk to a good prop guy he can definitely minimize the slippage you are getting. I don't know what the bravos are geared for (top end or holeshot) Are your top end rpms in line? you should start there. Theres so many prop choices now and just a little tweak on pitch and model can maybe get it right but might not ever be perfect as some hull like this produce ventilation
I can deal with it not being perfect but I would definitely like it to be much better than it currently is. I just wish I could find a few props to test before I drop the money on new ones. And mounting height is definitely on the list of things to try, especially since that doesn't cost anything, just a little time and elbow grease. I just see too many other donzis running the same setup without having these issues (at least not that I know of) I'm thinking there has to be a way to correct it.