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Originally Posted by FlyingTexan View Post
Doesnít mean there still isnít something wrong with his current props. The slightest of bend can ruin its bite. Regardless of whatever the ďgo toĒ is the fact remains that what he has currently isnít working. Lowering the engine might help but if the boat cruises fine and isnít blowing out at high power settings running across waves then donít see why it would on the hole shot where the steps donít really do anything and the engine is sitting itís deepest in the water.

To OP: You can drop your engine pretty easily by cranking the trailer jack all the way up, put some boards under the skegs, Loosen the bolts on the slider and pull the boats from the holes then crank the jack down so the back of the boat rises. Then once the holes are lined up put the bolts back in and tighten them down. Donít over torque the nuts though itís surprising how little you tighten them. Just put some thread lock on them. But you might be amazed how much you lose performance wise sticking your motors down deeper.

If you can go take a picture of the motors trimmed down to see how low they sit with the hull and also put a shot of the props on here. Also head to propgods and talk to Ken.
Removing the mounting bolt is easier said than done on this boat. There's no access through the transom or splash well to get to the nut. Have to go head first through the bilge hatch and try to crawl back to it without getting stuck lol. I like your idea about using the jack to lower the motors, I've used that method to get a boat off the trailer and onto blocks before. Never even thought about using it to reposition motors. I'll try to get a pic when I get back around the boat tomorrow afternoon.