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Originally Posted by jfbetz View Post
Was this problem apparent when you sea-trialed? What did the previous owner say about it then?
Oddly enough it was minimal during sea trial however we were only in the intercoastal and it was slick calm, I did notice it however. We just eased up on plane at that time. It did it to the point that I noticed it but didn't think much of it. However offshore in a swell where we need a little more throttle to plane out it's very severe. I mentioned it in passing to the previous owner and he just said "yea it does that if you hammer the throttles". Again didn't think much of it as I'm pretty mechanically inclined when it comes to boats and just chocked it up to him not trimming the motors properly etc. But I've tried all different levels of trim and playing with the tabs with not much difference in the cavitation/ventilation. Once on plane it performs great.