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I used to watch that show all the time and thought it was great even though I wondered why. Who would have ever though that watching this type of violence would be entertaining? Sort of like "Six Feet Under". You watch stuff like this and actually laugh at some of it. Maybe we're all just a little sick in the head! I really didn't watch many episodes this final season.

When the screen went black, I thought the dog had stepped on the remote when he jumped up on the couch! DAMM DOG!!! I was fumbling for the remote when the credits came onto the screen! "Sorry Dozer".

Did anybody recognize the hit men who popped Phil as being Tony's guys? I sort of had the feeling the FBI guy had set this thing up to take over Tony's action somehow as Tony had already made nice. Too bad Meadow couldn't have gotten her car parked a little quicker as then maybe we would know if the guys who showed up at the restaurant were just there to eat.
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