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Default Re: is it me or WalMart?

RI Builder, you are confusing my unhappiness with WalMart with anger at the people. The greeter was embarrassed and apologetic. I was firm but polite. The manager type was the only rude person. The cashiers seemed to be embarrassed as well. As for shopping there, WalMart is nowhere near my first choice for shopping of any kind. It was convenient at 5:30 in the morning to get some extra bags of ice. I actually spent a considerable amount more at the Lowes store because I bought several more "extra" items. In WalMart, all I wanted to do was get in and out of there.

Surgergirl, I have never been asked before this. But I am sure you could just intimidate the checker with your attack PFFFFFT!! I know it would work on me!

Duct Tape, thanks for the link. I considered doing that but I just did not want to prolong the confrontation and I thought that I would really put the greeter person in a bad spot. She was apologetic but said she "was just doing what she was told to do". She seemed sincere so I wanted to get beyond her to the management. With the attitude that I got from the manager-type, I was glad I did. This way the greeter and the cashiers won't have to listen to any "what you should have done" lecture from a WalMart low level manager type. I can only assume that it is the low self-esteem of the average WalMart customer that allows WalMart to get away with this.
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