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Default is it me or WalMart?

Sunday morning, 5:30am, two cashiers with no one checking out. Cashiers are 35 feet from the door. I check out with four bags of ice and stuff to make a sandwich or two. The door greeter watches me check out and when I get to the door she want to check my receipt. I ask why and she say she has to check because I have things that are not bagged. (ice?) I don't like WalMart anyway so this really pokes me. I tell her to get the manager, get madder while I wait so I just ask for my money back. Can't do that without a manager. Finally get someone, tell her the problem she tells me I have to show receipt. I just ask for a refund. Manager make a big show of checking off each item from the receipt and pretty much behaves in a manner that I would expect from WalMart. By this time it is after 6:00 so I go down the street to Lowes Foods. (phone call to rest of crew shows that I am still ahead of them) I did indeed pay about a buck more but I was treated well in a very nice store. Am I missing something here? Is it understandable why I should have to be checked at the door. I have seen people checked but this was the first time I have ever been asked to allow inspection. WalMart is the only retailer I have ever seen do this. Not Target, or even Sears/Kmart.
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