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I run 65# braid, to the FG knot and start with 30' top shot of Mono. 40-60#. As needed I trim the mono, I will fish it as needed, but when it is less than 10' and I am back at dock, I put that rod aside to remind me to re rig the top shot with fresh 30' before my next fishing day. It only takes a few minutes and does not cost much as I only ever replace the mono and not much at that.

Can feel the bite better, especially if you are fishing deep water
I jig frequently and braid just works better
In strong current you do not need as much lead as the braid is thinner and that helps hold bottom in current.
Smaller reels, You can put a lot of line on/ or use a smaller reel. If you get a monster you are less likely to get spooled with the addition length of braid vs Mono.

Why not.
Tangles Arg.
Cutting hands when you test drag while line is out.
Braid sometimes bites into itself on a reel that had lots of tension when reeling in. (issue for next drop not the current fish....