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I thought it was a great episode...lots of symbolism and tension. But I really would've preferred an actual ending.[/QUOTE]

I agree, it was a great show and that was a unique way to end it. You could cut the tension with a knife in our den between the Admiral and I. In fact both kind of "jumped" when the screen went black.

Great show and writing by David Chase, I was stumped but could not think of another way to end such a series and yes it did leave it open for another season,movies or what ever but I think it is best left alone.

I am sure not everyone will agree but I have watched this show from day one and it has become my all time favorite tv show, now I can cancel HBO

I just knew that T was going to get whacked right in front of his family when Meadow walked in and the writers did a great job of leading you into thinking that as well