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Default Twin Suzuki DF350s to Yamaha 425s or even quad DF300s?

Ok, twin DF350s on a 34 x 12 (20,500#) catamaran just arenít getting it done and there are serious questions about the reliability and durability of them. Honestly, the boat shouldnít have ever been fitted with only 700hp, but thatís a totally different discussion. One blew up at 188 hours and last weekend a prop cracked at 390 hours (no sign of impact on any of the 6 blades on that motor). Piece of mind when running 70 miles offshore may be weaning.

So, options... the boat is equipped with the optimus/sea station package. There is a rear helm too.

Replace with twin Yamaha 425s That means a all new rigging, gauges, and maybe the sea station set up???

What about quad DF300s? Assuming the transom can handle the weight. Itís aluminum, so not overwhelming to reinforce if needed (for sure discuss wi5 the builder). Benefits are we can keep the rigging, gauges, etc. no redoing the dashes. Also, lots more redundancy if we smoke one or lose a prop (3 motors left).

I thought about 250s, as 1,000 hp is plenty. But why bother when 250s are the same weight?

just looking for ideas, just in case. How much room in each motor wheel would twin DF300s take? Iím assuming thereís enough room back there, but I donít actually know how much space they need to fit. 12í beam.

let em rip...