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Originally Posted by Shane3203 View Post
Most of my reels have 65lb power pro braid and I'm using 40lb Fluorocarbon leader about 5' long. I noticed the just from the weight sliding up and down on the braid is getting pretty scuffed up. I have 40lb mono on a different reel and it seems to be holding up better. I'm thinking of ditching the braid and maybe going with 50lb mono on my Avet LX , is 50lb Line ok on that size reel or could I go to 60lb mono? I'm looking for something to horse those amberjack up out of the structure before they break me off
Straight braid to swivel is a no-no for me. I get noticeably more bites with 15-20ft of 50lb fluoro above the swivel plus it gives you better abrasion resistance. 50lb line is plenty big enough line for that reel. The first gen LX is listed at 20lbs of drag at full which means realistically it probably puts out closer to 15-17lbs at full. It really doesn't matter what size line you put on that reel, it's just not very capable of "horsing up amberjacks" IMO because of it's high gear ratio (assuming 6.0) and a rather weak drag (relative to AJ fishing). If you have the LX G2 4.6, that's a much more capable reel...

For AJ's the more drag the better. I would recommend at least 20lbs minimum but I prefer 30lbs and have used a little more. All depends on how you're fishing them though. If you chum them up off the wreck you can get by with a "lighter" drag.

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