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Originally Posted by njg02 View Post
Eamon. How did you go?
I have the same glass cockpit and the volvo 240hp non evc. I want to try a garmin fuel sensor.

I have got no further yet. I am still in dispute with the boat builder, Whittley about this. It is one of a number of build issues I am dealing with.

The lack of fuel data is not the only issue. On my screen when connected to a non-EVC motor, it locks out the settings menu so I cannot change units from feet-metres, km/h-mph-knots, celcius-farenheit etc. Also cannot change GPS coordinate format ie: set to 37.1234567 cannot change to 37,12.1111111, and will not even tell me which datum it uses (ie: WGS84), let alone change it.

Effectively by hooking the glass cockpit up to a non-EVC motor it prevent me from using the screen to the full capacity.

None of this was disclosed to me when I ordered the boat. The matter is yet to be settled.

Having said all that,. all enquiries I have made suggest that the GFS-10 it will not work. The Volvo Penta dealers have tried to use the GFL-10 previously and it does not work so unlikely the the GFS-10 will.

If all else fails and I cannot sort this out with the builder I will likely try tit just to satisfy myself, but I am not hopeful, I'd be interested to know how you go if you try it. Only other 'solution' is to install an 'easy connect' which will allow bluetooth connection to your phone so you can see instantaneous fuel usage (ie: L/h) but will not track total fuel usage per trip etc.

What boat do you have?