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Originally Posted by c_m_25 View Post
Haha, I get it. This year has been...something. I feel like we lost nearly a year with Covid. The oldest was in school then suddenly the wife was teaching him at home with a new baby. All the while, were trying to stay healthy. I was hoping that we could all come down and unwind as we are all starting to get into a rough spot...mentally. Its just been a lot harder with the new baby (which I absolutely love and adore and would never change anything in regards to her).

Im taking my son on a fishing trip tomorrow so hopefully that will add some much needed fun/relaxation for me and him.
I hear ya man. And I don't care what anyone says...unless you are trying to raise a kid during this mess you cannot possibly relate. At our household, two adults working fulltime, and two kids needing constant attention all day while we both try to stay afloat at work. they are back at daycare now but around May timeframe...mentally we were out of it.

oh that reminds me, we spent a week in May down there too with my other BIL/SIL and their two year old. We had a great time.

few weeks ago our 3 yo was getting testy down at the wife was at her wit's end but fortunately she was leaving to come home to go back to work. I stayed behind with the kids for a few days...ran them ragged at the beach and splash pad to the point that they both fell asleep on the golf cart on the way back to the camper. Threw them in their bed where they each took a 3 hr nap and I had some quality daddy time. I won't say it was the best part of the trip but it was...necessary and made it all worth it lol. When they woke back up they were completely different.

Kids man. Sometimes there's just too much going on and they get overtired. It's a shitshow from there. I'm sure getting your boy out to fish will work wonders. Hang in there and don't feel bad for not having a great time on vacation...everyone's been there whether they're gonna admit it or not.