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Regarding the delayed shut-off, Id suspect its got something to do on the truck side. Something is feeding power to the pump even after you let your foot off the truck brake. It might be a result of that black box failing? Either way, remove the black box.

When disconnected from the truck, and you activate the pump by pulling the break-away pin, does the pump shut-of right-away when you replace the pin? If-so, this would isolate the problem to the truck side. If not, the problem is on the trailer side.

What happens if you disconnect the break-away battery, and activate the brakes with the truck. Does the pump stop right away when you release truck brakes?

Keep in mind, when you remove the black box, the pump wont activate unless the wheels of the truck are rolling. When the truck comes to a stop, electrical current to the pump should stop. (This is how it works on my 2015 Chevy anyway. Same EOH system as you have.) At a stop, you should be able to activate the pump with the manual activation lever.