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Default Titan 2 EOH brake system issues

My Titan 2 EOH Severe duty has started to give me trouble but not in the usual way.
The pump is working but when i release the brakes it doesn't stop its cycle right away. Sometimes the pump stops and subsequently releases my brakes up to 10 seconds later.
As you can imagine this causes a ton of extra wear on my pads and rotors and with just a few mile trip to the ramp simple taps on the brakes are causing my to stop in the middle of road.

What I've done so far
-Fluids topped off, level was a bit low.
-Changed pads,
-Verified the brake-away does activate the pump
-Replaced 12V brake-away battery.
-Adjusted gain on the in cab controller to various levels to no avail. 2015 Ford F350 w/ in OEM controller.
-Tried setting the in cab controller to Electric mode instead of EOH mode.

I purchased the trailer used and it came with what appears to be a controller adapter connected via a white and blue wire in the appropriate place but it does not act any differently when the adapter is disconnected. (what do I need this black box for??)

  • What is this black box? do I need it even though everything was working great for years with it installed?
  • Why is the pump continuing to pressure up the system after I've come off the brakes??

I've used this trailer for years without issue and this will be my first time diving into the EOH system.
Any assistance from the THT crowd/MOB will be greatly appreciated.