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The ambejracks have a big tail, that's their motor.
You usually hook them very close to the bottom, not mid water, like a tuna, so its a deeper longer fight.
The drag has to be set tight or they will break you off on a short run, tuna tire themselves on the first long run going to the bottom.
Tuna are live baited, chunked or trolled on top most of the time. A trolled fish fights the boat first, not you,
Usually the rods you use for Ambers are jigging setups, and not 50 wides with the Harness's used on tuna.
They are usually larger than the other jacks so they are more memorable.
They like really warm water and a warm muscle has more power than a col one.

But if you hook a 100 lb yellowfin on your light jigging rod or popper rod, he'll hold his own too.

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